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The information in this website was prepared to support the promotion of Apicista’s products and services. Apicista is not a funding portal or a broker-dealer. Apicista builds and services regulatory compliant white-label funding portal platforms for broker-dealers and other organizations.

The portal platforms we build are dynamic resource centers for businesses and individual investors to participate in the crowdfunding community. Any objectives, calculations and opportunities presented on any of these portals are for purpose of promoting the raising of capital for a business, but should not guarantee or promise any future investment results. Apicista does not endorse any investment opportunity. Most of the opportunities presented portals are speculative, possibly highly illiquid and may involve a high degree of risk to its investors. Therefore the performance of most such investments can be volatile and the investor could lose all or a substantial amount of his or her investment. Furthermore, there is limited secondary market for most investment opportunities or a defined exit strategy including potential restrictions on transferring your interest in any such investment.

At Apicista, our mission is to create an ecosystem that allows qualified issuers to post campaign raises in a compliant environment and for investors to select, track and subscribe to opportunities that match their financial capability and personal preference. For more information on our portal platforms, email