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An Integrated Suite of Applications and Services for a
Complete, Customized and Compliant Investment Portal

For organizations that are seeking to build a crowdfunding Portal Platform for businesses in their "community" with a compliant and seamless eco-system of automated workflows, tools and services that protect the investors and support the business owners efforts to raise the capital they need to grow.

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Customized and Compliant

An Investment Operating System Built for Your Unique Business Model

CLi's Portal Platforms are designed, developed and supported to match your investment Eco-system. Our single sourced solution is a fully integrated ecosystem that includes the most robust compliant software solution with the essential best-of-class services. Designed as a flexible and robust private labeled enterprise solution, each deployment is configured to match your unique business.

Your portals' business model is configured based on:

  • Regulatory Environment
  • Target Market
  • Asset Class
  • Services Provided
  • Partner Network

Personalized Packages

Flexible Software and Service Integration to Grow with your Business


Connecting Investors and Offerings
in a Non-transaction Environment

  • For promoting offerings to qualified investors
  • For service providers and associates to promote offerings
  • Added value service for current clients

Who is a Service Portal for?

  • Trade Association
  • Business Organizations
  • Member Organizations
  • Regulated Service Providers
  • Syndication Exchanges

Key Features

  • Compliant solicitation of private securities
  • Investor Accounts
  • Source control on referrals
  • Develop investor communities


Soliciting Investors for Assets
Owned or Managed by the Portal Operator

  • For principals of offerings to solicit investors
  • For owner/operators to automate their capital raise process
  • Supports cost effective scaling of capital acquisition strategies

Who is a Proprietary Portal for?

  • Real Estate Developers
  • Asset-backed lenders
  • Direct lenders
  • Venture Capital Groups
  • Business Incubators

Key Features

  • Ability to leverage general solicitation rules
  • High touch investor services
  • Automation of investor acquisition workflow
  • Increased compliance opportunities


Connecting Sponsored
Offerings with Investors

  • For facilitating the sale of multiple third party offerings to investors
  • Supports complex workflow integration to match business models
  • Flexibility in use of multiple securities exemption models

Who is a Marketplace Portal for?

  • Broker-Dealers
  • Investment Bankers
  • Funding Portals
  • "Crowdfunding Portal Operators"
  • Multi-operator Investment Sites
  • Business Accelerators

Key Features

  • Structured Compliance Workflows and Reporting
  • Full Featured Investor Application
  • Issuer Due Diligence and Onboarding
  • Network Administrative Functionality
  • Application Integration Server

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An Investment Operating System

The most compliant, robust software package to support an investment ecosystem

Apicista is our unique private-label software package to support the online solicitation, sale and support of private and exempt securities. It is comprised of 6 different applications which can be configured to match a unique regulatory environment and business model. Apicista supports a compliant workflow process which can scale and grow with your business.

Integration & Customization

Create an EcoSystem That is Uniquely Yours

What It Is

The architecture of CLi's investment operating system is truly revolutionary. It combines our market leading Apicista software, with best-of-class services and portal package design to be customized for your design and workflow requirements.

What It Can Do

From configurations of security exemption templates to custom design of offering pages, the CLi team has blended configuration, tiers of customization, and third party integration to ensure that no two deployments of our portal packages are the same.

Why It Can Do It

Built on patented technology that supports real-time data translation and exchange with third-party applications (APIs) for a seamless user experience within a compliant investor ecosystem. This allows you to harness the power of a 100% online investment workflow.

The Development Process

Five Steps to Success

We are experienced business development specialists that help you design your Portal Platform to meet your business requirements. The five-step process reduces risk and allows you to move forward as you gain support for your Portal.


Step 1:
What Will
It Do

  • Identify Business Proposition
  • Do a software demo
  • Review service packages
  • Develop a Term sheet
  • Execute on Term Sheet Agreement

Step 2:
the Foundation

  • JumpStart project launch meeting
  • Project and Production Plan
  • License and Service Agreement
  • Legal Structural Model
  • Licensed Intermediary Engagement/Registration
  • Communications and Tracking Systems

Step 3:
the Portal

  • Logo and Style Guide
  • Initial Marketing Content
  • CrowdIRM Integration
  • Launch of Intial Beta Site
  • Launch initial investor/issuer acquisition efforts

Step 4:
the Platform

  • Deployment of standard package with Tier 1 customization
  • Load initial offerings
  • Platform Administrative Training
  • Marketing Launch
  • Official Launch
  • Transition to Campiagn Service Center support

Step 5:
Making It

  • Ongoing Training and Support
  • Regular Consulting Meetings
  • Technical Fixes
  • Launch of Tier II and Tier III customization
  • Deployment of Integrated Projects